Claire & Chris…After The Same Rainbow’s End…


I’ve been off work this past week to celebrate my sister’s wedding, and honestly couldn’t have imagined having a better time.

I absolutely loved the week leading up to the wedding - our house in Omagh was full of friends and family for 6 days in a row….it truly is such a happy time. I took the role of being a little hostess all week - really because it was a great excuse to continually eat and drink.  Everything was so relaxed in the lead up to the wedding, and there were of course a few stressful moments!

And so “A June Wedding” took place on Friday 3rd June - a hot, summer’s day complete with blue skies and pink roses. It was as if all the sunshine from May had been bottled up and stored especially for June 3rd :)

Claire looked so stunning on Friday, a classically beautiful summer bride. The morning of the wedding went so fast, so if you’re getting married or being bridesmaid anytime soon, take the time to absorb every little detail on the wedding morning, it is such a wonderful time full of all sorts of emotions! 

I really appreciate the true happiness experienced at a wedding so much more now after being a part of it. It’s such a lovely part of life to share a day with friends and family. Friends who you might not have seen for years, and family who continually support you. What could be better than a day filled with laughter, tears, stories, smiles, wine, cake and dancing?

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